Reverse Mortgage 360
A New Perspective

Reverse mortgages aren’t what they were only a few years ago! Subsequently, there are many myths, misconceptions, and just plain wrong information prevailing today. This book was written to dispel those myths and misconceptions while sharing how today’s reverse mortgage works, along with its many features. New and accurate knowledge of how they work gives a new perspective of them. Now, a reverse mortgage can be used to provide peace of mind and quality of life in a senior’s golden years.

Reverse Mortgage 360, A New Perspective, should be read by any senior homeowner who owns a home or is looking to purchase a home, including their children or heirs. Additionally, financial advisors, real estate agents, home builders, accountants, CPA’s, fiduciaries, insurance agents, attorneys, bankers, and the senior care professionals such as care agencies, social workers, and geriatric care managers, would all benefit from reading this book.

“The true measure of a self-help book is information that is difficult made simple and clear. REVERSE MORTGAGE 360 accomplishes that and more. Easy read, great work on a very complicated subject. JOB WELL DONE.”

Bob Massi
former, The Property Man and Legal Analyst for FOX News Channel


About The Author

Jim Hostler, author, educator, and Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

Jim has over 25 years of experience as a residential lending professional. He brings a wealth of knowledge, and a human touch to his clients.

Reverse mortgages are unique, in that there are no other products like them. Jim has the knowledge and experience to both understand them and make them understandable to his clients and strategic partners. This allow him to best structure a reverse mortgage to meet his clients needs and goals to help ensure them peace of mind and quality of life in their retirement years.

Jim and his wife live in Sedona, AZ., and he serves Arizona, California, and Colorado.

Jim Hostler
Author, Educator, & Speaker 



Reverse mortgages have undergone vast changes (for the good) beginning in 2012, through 2017. Because of this people today hold beliefs and ideas about reverse mortgages that are not true. Whether you are a senior homeowner, a friend or family of the senior homeowner, or someone within one of the vast number of different professions that support seniors, obtaining information today on a reverse mortgage has never been more important. They are a complex mortgage that need to be understood such that one can be structured to best meet the needs and goals of the senior homeowner. And this should only be done by a Reverse Mortgage Specialist!

Reverse mortgages are a profession within a profession and as such should only be handled by someone who is trained and has studied today’s reverse mortgage. This gives the assurance that a reverse mortgage will be properly structured to meet the needs and goals of the senior homeowner. Whether you are a professional that works with seniors, advising them, (financial adviser, real estate agent, insurance agent, etc.,) a friend or family member of the senior, or the senior homeowner inquiring or seeking to obtain a reverse mortgage, again, consult and work with a Reverse Mortgage Specialist.


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